House of Light School






The House of Light School provides:

  1. Awareness among the community, authorities, families and parents of the importance of quality education for the future of individuals, the region and the country.
  1. Education to raise the children as self confident, responsible, discerning and law abiding citizens with a moderate and balanced outlook on life.
  1. Self confidence by ensuring that all receive respectful treatment as equal members of society, regardless of social, economic, educational or cast level, sex, creed or language.
  1. Responsibility of individuals for their own lives and families as well as consciousness of their social environment and its problems. Solidarity with needy people.
  1. Encouragement to take suitable decisions and to put them into action, facing problems, conflicts and setbacks with confidence and ambition in order to improve one's own situation.
  1. Human and social values based on humanism and the Koran.
  1. Enlightenment about rights and duties in the spheres of family, society, and nation.
  1. Channelling of energies towards a positive and constructive identity in order to prevent extremism and fundamentalism of any kind.
  1. Learning of democratic structures.
  1. Instruction about the culture, customs, religion and history of Pakistan and the world in an open-minded, tolerant and respectful way, giving individuals the space to develop their own opinions.
  1. Consciousness about health issues (marriage to close family members, hygiene, dental health, etc.)
  1. Awareness and know-how to prevent pollution and to protect the natural environment.
  1. Contribution to economic, social and national development of the area.
  1. Perspectives for improvement of the economic level, offering future access to high-level education and professions.
  1. Qualification and training of teachers of other schools to help them provide quality education to their students.
  1. Contribution to the development of the area through employment of local staff, raising the profile of the region.
  2. Prevention of child labour.

This project is entirely run from inside Pakistan with support provided by individuals, bodies and non-government organizations of other countries.