House of Light School







The idea of founding Horizon and the House of Light School came up in 2002. Qaiser Raja and Arnim Schulz had been travelling throughout Pakistan, meeting wonderful people whose hospitality and warm-heartedness were difficult to find anywhere else. But they also saw the terrible conditions under which many people had to live. They realized that one of the most important causes of poverty, illness, corruption, religious fanaticism, repression and lack of outlook was the high level of illiteracy. For the majority of Pakistanis a quality education was simply unachievable. So they came up with the idea of establishing a school near to Qaiser Raja's home in the village of Pind Begwal, where the children of the poor families should get the same opportunities as those of the wealthy families in the big cities



First, research was carried out to find out the real economic and cultural needs of the destitute people in Pind Begwal. Many meetings were held with parents and representatives of the community to see if a school project of this kind would be accepted by the people. In spite of some initial reluctance, we could count on broad support among the community. In cooperation with some western organizations, a Montessori-based project in the form of a pre-primary school was decided upon. A suitable building was found and refitted, furniture was bought and teachers were hired.


Opening the school

In January 2006, the House of Light School was inaugurated. The first 25 boys and girls, many of them coming from the devastated area of the earthquake which had happened 3 months before, had their first lesson. Many of the children had to be washed and deloused beforehand. Many things were still missing, but the children quickly learned to accept and love their new environment.


The House of Light School today

After the successful conclusion of two pre-primary classes, the first primary class started in September 2007. The children had proved to be no less capable or talented than those of the wealthy families. The parents and neighbours understand the importance of quality education for their children's future.