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Horizon International Trust es una ONG, fundada en octubre de 2005 (Registrada en el District Court of Islamabad, no. 13971, book no 1., vol no. 2201 on pages 110 to 119). Su primer proyecto es la Escuela House of Light en Pind Begwal.

A continuación, transcribimos algunos de los objetivos, tal y como figuran en el documento fundacional (en inglés):

To establish, run and maintain an educational and vocation school for children and to develop the character and discipline among the students.

To engage professors, teachers and instructors to impart education to the students in all subjects, physical training, culture, research work, intellectual and other useful pursuits;

To establish teachers Training Institutes especially for the modern modes of education for children and to employ such teachers in the institutions established by the Trust;

To acquire lands and buildings for establishment of schools and boarding houses for students and to accept the donations of land in the name of the Trust for establishment of schools, libraries and other establishments for the purposes of the Trust;

To accept grants, donations, presents, gifts and offerings from the government, public sector organizations, national and international bodies, forums, NGO's having the same characteristics and objects like the Trust created pursuant to this Deed;

To collaborate with other NGO's whether national or international for obtaining Joint ventures in promotion, training, running and management of the schools established under the Trust.